Among unlimited number of applications, AXELPROD presents some of them here. By choosing the right GTM module, almost all applications can be imagined and realized from the simple to the most sophisticated one, just think about it and we find the right and most effective solution in order to fulfill your requirements.  
Système d'avertissement
du risque de gel localisé
Independent monitoring system using GSM-GPRS for BTS CONTROL
Follow a vehicle
has never been so easy...

Système d'avertissement du
risque de gel localisé, système
clés en main...
entièrement indépendant et
fonctionnant sur batterie et
utilisant le Réseau GSM

Système entièrement indépendant
Avertissement par SMS
Avertissement par email
Historique de la température et de

Le système d'avertissement du risque de gel est livré clef en main.
Aucune contrainte pour les UTILISATEURS.

Etude sur l'historique des valeurs du terrain sur le site

Monitoring system
Direct connection to the Internet

Fuel level
Fuel theft
Backup battery
SMS power switching

A BTS_WATCHER (Base Transceiver Station Watcher) is a system that remote-controls, -surveys and -manages any BTS through the GSM network.

The simple fashion to follow any moving objects by GPS

Follow, study, protect or visualize the road of a vehicle has never been so easy...

Using the EasyTracker II and visualizing the road in real time on Google Maps, you will appreciate the simplicity and the efficiency of the EasyToTrack system !

Follow the vehicle in real time
Asset protection
BlackBox function
GPS waypoint recording
Alarm function

Be connected to your products
around the world !

Jump from a simple application
to a powerful GSM remote controller

Be connected RealTime
to your applications !

Monitor all kind of physical value in the nature and look at them on your PC.


GSM Extension module for Mitsubishi Alpha 2 XL and derivate products

Quad Band
Simple Mechanic
Infra red link
SMS remote control
GPRS transmission
I/Os Event log file
SMS to email
Endless combinations
Easy GPRS Data Logger
Additional I/Os

Monitor all kind of physical value in the nature and look at them on your PC real time.